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Our History

The passage from Matthew 25:34-40 describes a scene where the King (Jesus) praises the righteous at the final judgment for performing acts of kindness to those in need. He explains that whenever they provided food, drink, clothing, or companionship to the least fortunate, it was as though they were doing these deeds directly to Him. This emphasizes the Christian teaching that serving others, especially the most vulnerable, is equivalent to serving Christ Himself.
The history of Beacon of Hope Ministry serves as a practical embodiment of the teachings found in Matthew 25:34-40. began on March 22, 2023, when it was founded by Pastor Odeth Mutoni. Pastor Mutoni was inspired by a divine vision, a call from God, to comfort and assist those in need. This revelation came when he observed the hardships of those living on the Mountain of Kigali and realized their spiritual darkness. Moved by this, God ignited a light within her—a beacon—to go forth and offer solace to the people. Thus, the Beacon of Hope Ministry was born.
In its early days, the ministry focused on meeting the immediate needs of the community, such as providing food and clothing. More importantly, we aimed to instill a sense of hope and confidence in people, teaching them about Jesus’ love and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.
Primarily, our ministry reaches out to those addicted to drugs and those engaged in prostitution, preaching transformation and new beginnings. We have witnessed God's mighty works among us.
Today, the majority of our congregation consists of children and elderly individuals who have been liberated from drug addiction and others who have renounced lives of prostitution, embracing faith as believers.