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  • Kigali, Karugira
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What we do

Healing and Counseling

Inspired by our founding vision to bring solace to those in distress, Beacon of Hope Ministry offers comprehensive healing and counseling services. These services are tailored to help individuals recover from emotional and spiritual wounds. Our approach integrates professional counseling with Christian compassion, addressing issues like trauma, addiction, and personal crises. This reflects our ongoing commitment to the holistic well-being of each person we serve, as envisioned by Pastor Odeth Mutoni.

Social Affairs Activities

True to our roots in responding to the immediate needs of the community around the hills of Kigali, our social affairs activities continue to grow. We organize regular distributions of food, clothing, and other essentials, alongside providing educational and vocational training programs. These efforts not only alleviate immediate hardships but also empower individuals to build sustainable futures, echoing Pastor Mutoni's initial acts of kindness towards street children.

Spreading the Gospel

At the heart of Beacon of Hope Ministry is our dedication to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a cornerstone of our founder’s vision. We engage in a variety of evangelistic efforts, including church services, Bible studies, community outreach, and missionary endeavors. These activities aim to ignite faith and encourage spiritual growth, fulfilling our mission to share the transformative power of the Gospel both locally and beyond.