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Our Founder


Our Founder

Pastor Odeth Mutoni has always felt a deep calling to help others, especially those who are poor and needy. From a young age, she felt a special connection to helping people. On December 25, 1994, when she was just 12 years old, she welcomed Jesus Christ into her life. This important moment deeply influenced her path and fueled her desire to serve others.
In 2002, while still in high school, Pastor Mutoni began to take on leadership roles, serving as a pastor to her peers. Her dedication and passion for ministry were clear, and in 2014, she was officially ordained as a pastor. This role allowed her to expand her efforts and reach even more people who needed help.
Throughout her time as a pastor, she focused a lot on helping street children. She organized activities where she and her team would give clothes and food to children who lived on the streets. These experiences made her realize just how much more she could do.
God gave Pastor Mutoni a vision to start a new ministry that would reach out even further to help those in need. Inspired by this vision, she founded the Beacon of Hope Ministry on March 22, 2023. This ministry aims to bring light and hope to the lives of people who are struggling, such as those addicted to drugs and those involved in prostitution.
Today, Pastor Odeth Mutoni continues to lead Beacon of Hope Ministry with a heart full of compassion and faith. She believes that by helping the least fortunate, she is serving Jesus Christ himself. Pastor Mutoni's life and work show her deep commitment to making a difference in the world by sharing love and hope with everyone she meets.

Pastor. Odette MUTONI

Sinior Pastor